I take this paper and place it down upon the table
I pick up this pen filled with ink having the tip touch the surface of this paper
I begin to move my hand along the first line..then stop.. I pause
because there is no ink from this pen existent upon this paper
I sit back within this chair and notice I am unable to write
words of emotions of which I know I have inside me
But they cannot be expressed,since my heart and soul
feel so numb.
Even though my mind is running a mile a minute with thoughts
I cannot seem to get any of my feelings out
with a single line upon this paper.
So this white lined piece of paper sits blank still
upon this table.
I begin to move my hand thats holding the pen
to the surface of the paper
trying to write again.
And nothing happens.
No single letter or words are existing upon this piece of paper
yet again.
I place the pen down upon the table stare at the blank paper
and sit back within this chair
thinking to myself.
So I try again with this pen in my hand and this paper on this table to write
words of my emotions inside of me
and I can only express these words on this paper of,
I cannot write.. I cannot write because in this numb state
I am unable to feel.
I cannot write because my heart is hurt from this pain
that I recently endured.
I cannot write because there is no life of love left
within me.
I cannot write because I realized giving your All to someone
isn’t safe to do.
Because when you love someone,you expect the same in return.
only to find they took ahold of your heart and cut it up into
tiny pieces and left it too All fall.
Now I place my pen down on the table next to this piece of paper
take the paper make it into a shape of a heart grab a pair of scissors
begin to cut, sit back in this chair cupping the tiny pieces
within my hand then I begin to let them go
and watch as every piece falls to the floor..